Chevy’s flagship pickup truck, the Silverado, has been one of the best selling domestic automobiles for decades. As one of the brand’s iconic makes, the Silverado is often selected for special editions, and this particular special edition package is definitely one of our favorite option packages.
The 100th anniversary edition comes with the heralded 6.2 liter V8 powerplant cranking out 420 buttery smooth horsepower and even more in the torque column. It also comes with some great looking 22” rolling stock that help it stand out from any other Silverado on the road, as well as package-exclusive tires that feature a nice beefy sidewall and a nice, aggressive tread pattern. Rounding out the appearance aspect of the Centennial Edition package is heritage badges that lend the slightest bit of “throwback” to the 100th anniversary edition truck.

According to this review, there is a bit of a drawback in the 8-speed automatic trans, which is admittedly a bit of a killjoy at times. However, it works well to keep the engine in the efficient range, even at the expense of dropping a gear quickly and getting the engine in to the peak of the power curve at certain speeds.

The ultimate point of the video was to help viewers decide if it was worth picking up the 2018 Centennial Edition or waiting for the 2019, which as we all know will get a nice overhaul and a number of new features. While the host has some positive things to say about the special 100th edition truck, he ultimately decided it would probably be worth the wait to pick up the latest iteration of the Silverado. Of course, a review like this is totally subjective and a decision on which truck to buy should be made by more than a YouTube video, but this is a great place to start gathering your data for making you decision.

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