When you’re good, you’re good, and this kid is good!
YouTuber Speed Phenom is a talented 17 year old driver who really knows how to drive, especially when it comes to hanging corners on road courses in his Shelby GT350R. In fact, when he took a trip to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, NV recently, he had the chance to share the track with Ford’s insane new GT, a car that should, for all practical purposes, outrun just about anything on a road course. However, there is such a thing as the “Driver mod”, and this video is a perfect illustration of the effect the drive can have on the outcome of a race between to pretty drastically different rides.

Our driver takes the course several seconds behind the GT as the course marshalls spread out the cars to avoid them bunching up and causing problems. However, it doesn’t take the young wheelman long at all to begin passing slower cars. He takes down a couple of other Mustangs before setting his sights on the GT and it’s wicked EcoBoost powerplant.
However, as with the Mustangs, the GT really doesn’t offer much competition, with the driver clearly realizing he was getting passed whether he wanted to or not, despite having a decided horsepower advantage. Part of learning to race a legitimately fast car is knowing how to harness the horsepower and make it work or you in the right places on the track, and that’s exactly what Speed Phenom does, diving into the corners smoothly, carrying speed nicely through the turns, and using up all the track to jump back on the throttle quickly.
He was able to turn a solid 1:49 lap time on the 2.2-mile long track, all in a car he’d driven to the track over 500 miles on the tires, not fresh stickies like most drivers would have on hand. We will definitely be watching this kid’s channel for more content to share with you guys in the future!

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