With so many different styles to choose from and so many different facets of automotive culture to elect to tread in, there’s really a little bit of something for everyone. This time, we just so happen to check out an incredible showpiece that, from top to bottom, seems to be so perfectly put together that it’s hard to pick out anything with this car that isn’t done well. No matter what you’re into the effort that has gone into putting something like this together is incredibly apparent and quite admirable. I think that anybody who has turned a wrench can see that lots of long hard hours have gone into making this thing a beast.

In this one, we ride along with ScottieDTV as he takes us to the Grand National Roadster Show to showcase a vehicle that really stole the show in a Hemi powered 1936 Ford “Elrod.” The car is really decked out from top to bottom in a glossy black finish that coats just about every custom part that has come into existence here as this thing does a nice job of bringing antique styling together with some pretty insane craftsmanship with maybe just a dash of a modern touch that really is sprinkled on the top and brings the whole thing together quite nicely.

If you follow along down below, you’ll be able to join in on quite the automobile that really deserves to be the center of attention. We have to say that Scottie really puts it nicely when he says that you’d have to feel like a pretty big gangster, old-style of course, to be rolling down the street in something like this. It almost has that vintage mob boss mentality about it as it offers up some old school cool that the observer could quite easily sink their teeth into.

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