The the world of custom hot rods, there are no mods that are off limits, and that includes custom engines. No, we don’t mean a custom-spec bottom end or a one-off cam, we’re talking about a completely new engine that’s never been built before, at least as far as we know. The owner of this tricked out first generation Camaro, built by Quality Custom Rides, has fitted it with a V12 LS engine that is likely the only one of its kind in the world, at least for the time being.

However, as YouTuber ScottieD points out, there’s so much more to this car than that attention grabbing power plant. The whole body has been dropped lower on the chassis, requiring several inches be cut off of the rocker panels, the interior is completely custom and the wicked F-Body even has suicide doors, showcasing the amount of custom work that’s gone into this build. There are several more subtle modifications that have been done, like dropping the front of the roof a tad and moving the grill out flush with the headlights. With a tasteful mix of mild and wild mods, this car has a little something for everybody, and it all starts with the wicked V12 under the hood.

While most of what we cover is centered around racing and high performance cars, we definitely have a strong love of the show car world as well, and its builds like that, the ones that truly feature creative and unique design cues that make the car stand out from the crowd, that keep that fire burning in our hearts. We hope to see many more truly custom rides like this in the future. If any of you guys out there have a badass show car that you’re really proud of, don’t be afraid to post them up on our wall and we will share as many of them as we can!

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