1969 GTO Judge Left for Dead Gets New Roots Instead of Tree Roots!

This rare 69 GTO Judge was parked in a hedgerow over thirty years ago and now it is getting a second chance. There are trees growing through the engine bay because it has been parked there for that long. Amazingly, it is still worth saving and restoring after all of these years. Even more amazing, is the fact that the owner of the car has the original number matched engine and transmission stored in a nearby barn.
This is a prime example of how well these old Muscle Cars were made back in the day to withstand the elements like this for so many years and still be in this condition. All of the main structure is in pretty fair condition except for the trunk pan. The GTO Judge was left like this in the late 1970’s because the owner removed the engine and transmission. The engine was removed because it required minor repairs due to a broken push rod. Then it has just sat there every since.

Barnfinds member, Alan F. discovered this amazing GTO by calling a high school buddy and asking him what he had done with it. The rest is history, and now this remarkable and rare 69 GTO Judge will be getting a second chance to survive. As you will see in the photo, after it was rescued, put on a trailer and washed off it looks pretty promising.

Follow the video below when The Judge was ruling the streets and tracks. There something in this old commercials that bring us nostalgie when the golden era of muscle cars was at peak

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