1974 Pantera DeTomaso Found In The Back Of An Old Trailer!
Barn finds always tend to be a rush. Even if you don’t find exactly what it is that you’re looking for, the thrill of the hunt can sometimes be the best part of the game!

This time, we aren’t given too much background information as to what’s going on here, but rather are just along for the ride as this 1975 Pantera DeTomaso is found in a trailer and appears to have been sitting there for some time.
We’re kind of wondering how such situations come to be. Are people really that negligent that they completely forget that they left their exotic car just laying around out of sight and out of mind for all of these years?
As the story unfolds, we are told that it’s been in this container for over 20+ years. Can you believe something like this, hasn’t been touched for so long?

Check out the video below of the seemingly perfectly maintained exotic being unearthed from what otherwise would have served as a grave for the car in all likelihood.

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