Video Of The Day: Funny Miami Beach Girl Scooter Crash FAIL

Video Of The Day: Funny Miami Beach Girl Scooter Crash FAIL


Don’t know why people believe the scooters are easy to ride and anyone without training can hop on one, is ready to go like second nature, but there are the lot of them and they inevitably learn it the hard way that these things can be as dangerous as the motorcycles.

The most recent case surfacing the Internet comes from Miami, where a girl on the scooter gets involved in the crash after irresponsibly riding what it looks to be the Vespa scooter.

According to the video below description, these types of accidents involving the rental scooters and improperly trained riders happen each day in South Beach.

Around the 20-second mark, you will see the lady trying to exit a parking on the other side of the intersection.

Another scooter manages to exit first, continue along the road with no problem, but our miss here stumbles the couple times and then somehow manages to whiskey-throttle a tiny scooter.

Next come the few wobbles and brake attempts which finally led to the spill on the crosswalk diagonally opposed to the place where she left. Luckily, it happened at a low speed, no one got hurt in the process.