Classic Cars That We Americans Can’t Get Enough Of

Classic Cars That We Americans Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s a tale as old as time: A gearhead gets to a certain age or place in life where they have a little bit of time and money to play with and wants to invest in a classic car. They want their dream car — the one they lusted after as a kid but until now never had the means to afford. They want it in the perfect color, with the perfect powertrain and the perfect options. It’s their car — the unique one that represents them like no other car in the world could.

And if they’re American, there’s about a 90% chance all they want is a Chevy Corvette.

The classic car world is vast and endlessly fascinating. From historical oddities, such as the Tucker 48 and the King Midget, to mass-market muscle cars and overbuilt European classics, you could spend a lifetime studying old cars and still come across something you’ve never seen before. But even with all that variety out there (it is the spice of life, after all), most gearheads would really just be happy with an old Corvette.

How do we know this? Because Hemmings, the authority on classic cars, analyzed every classified ad it ran since 2010 and came up with the most advertised classics in every state. Overwhelmingly, the answer came back Corvette. To make things interesting, it excluded America’s sports car from its other searches.

From Maine to Alaska, here are America’s most popular classic cars.

1. Chevrolet Corvette
Each generation of gearheads seems to lust after the Corvette of their youth. | Chevrolet

Not all Corvettes are created equal, but Chevy’s halo car has offered something for almost everyone over its 64-year production run. From the space-age optimism of the ’50s cars, the timelessness of ’60s-era C2 and C3s, or the wild excess of ’70s and ’80s C3s and C4s, more Americans want to relive the good old days from behind the wheel of a Corvette than any other classic. In its first analysis, Hemmings found the Corvette was the most popular car in 40 states.

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