*** Don’t Try at home! ***

No matter what the action is, The Slow Mo Guys are always aiming to bring us some of the best slow motion action thanks to high-powered cameras that allow you to see situations as they happen, in depth. You see, the human eye can’t absorb every ounce of the action in real time because it’s happening so quickly but with advanced high-powered cameras, we can get the details of exactly what situations like these are like when they are slow down to a pace that we are able to easily observe without too much strain.

This time, that task at hand revolves around an airbag and what exactly happens when you decide to put it in a microwave before turning it on and waiting for that moment of truth to come around strong.

It doesn’t look like there are any kind of practical real world result to this kind of experiment but, you have to admit that it’s fun to watch as the airbag completely erupts a couple of seconds after the microwaves are turned on and go for a spin. When the situation is brought down to a fraction of its original speed, you can really appreciate exactly what’s happening as components from the microwave get lost all over the yard, even bouncing off of the fence!

Follow along in the video below as the situation is slowed down and be sure to tell us what you think of this experiment that gets rather intense as combustible elements are introduced to heat in a set of circumstances that are bursting at the seams when it’s all set in motion! After following along with this latest and greatest that The Slow Mo Guys have to offer, be sure to throw out there what you would have them toss in a microwave next!

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