34K Miles: 1968 Chevelle SS396 With AC! for sale

Considering that the seller’s son drove this 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 over 2,500 miles last week across the country, I think we can safely say that the 34,206-mile two-owner car is in pretty decent mechanical condition. Actually, I think it’s in pretty decent condition period! It’s being sold here on eBay  It’s in Clyde, North Carolina if you are figuring transport costs, although this is one car I wouldn’t be afraid to fly in and drive home!

Although I think some of the paint isn’t original based on the color differences between panels, the car does have the appearance of an extremely original car. It’s not nice enough for me to call it a survivor, but I’ll leave that up to your individual choice. What I can tell you is that the seller states the only rust is “two minimal rust spots in the bottom of each (front) fender.” That’s impressive, but upon close examination of the pictures I’m seeing rust in a few more places. Perhaps they are only speaking of holes?
With the whitewall tires and what I believe are original wheel covers, this car has somewhat of a tame appearance. However, anyone that is familiar with the 396 big-block Chevrolet engine in this form knows it’s anything but tame.
While there are some fluid leaks under the car as you might expect, I see no rust. Interesting that only one exhaust pipe was replaced!
I do see a crack on the dash, but the interior looks pretty darned good. Yes, those are air conditioning vents you see! Would you leave the bench seats alone?

Based on the Crane Cams replacement cam card that is pictured with the documentation, someone has been into this engine previously. I’m not sure why that would be necessary considering how low the mileage is, but since the car runs so well at least whatever was done was done correctly. The card also leads me to believe that this engine is the base Turbo-Jet 396 with 325 horsepower (there were 350 and 375 horsepower 396 engines also available in the SS396). So tell me this, readers — what’s this one worth and would you keep the body as-is or repaint it? Check the gallery for more photos:

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