Sometimes, when you find a car that’s abandoned, you can’t help but wonder about the story behind it. You really question why exactly somebody would leave a car behind when theoretically, there is value in everything. However, when you see some of these cars that have been left behind and forgotten about, you’ll really have a lot of questions because some of them are worth more than many people will be able to spend on a home in a lifetime, let alone a car, really breaking into the curiosity factor as to how exactly they came to be left to rot.

As scarce a situation as something like this might seem, it actually ends up being quite common that these high-dollar machines are forgotten about to be left in ruin. While, to enthusiasts, something like this might seem like blasphemy, various situations arise in peoples’ lives were they simply have no choice but to leave their cars behind whether it be because they can’t pay for the machine or perhaps maybe something a little bit more precarious is lurking as owners of some of these cars are rumored to have gotten in trouble with the law in some form or another, leaving behind all of their possessions.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to get a peek at some of the vehicles that have been discovered as abandoned and may even be ones that will catch your eye, with a few even acting as dream cars that many would strive to have in a lifetime. After watching this compilation of vehicles that claims to be the five most expensive to have ever been left behind, be sure to post what you think of this collection and the reasoning behind why these people simply could not hang onto these beautiful machines.

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