825 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs 1,000 HP Viper Drag Race Needs a Photo Finish

When talking factory conditions cars, a drag race between a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and a Dodge Viper is irrelevant, since the supercharged muscle car will easily leave the naturally aspirated supercar behind. But what if the two Dodges are tuned?

Well, the quarter-mile adventure we’re here to show you today is here to deliver a pretty savage answer to the question above. And that’s because both machines we have here pack respectable mods.
To be more precise, the 6.2-liter blown V8 of the Hellcat has been gifted with a now-classic package, one that involves a pulley upgrade, a cold air intake and an ECU remap. Thus, the engine has jumped from 707 to 825 ponies. And, as anybody who’s seen a Hellcat drag racing knows, getting the thing off the line can be quite a challenge (no pun intended). As such, the owner of this car has installed drag radials, aiming to make the most out of the extra muscle.
As for the 8.4-liter V10 of the Viper, this has been taken much farther from its stock condition. The motor has been gifted with a bolt on twin-turbo package.
Delivering 8 PSI of boost, the kit allows the mill to churn out 950 hp at the rear wheels, which means the crank output of the thing actually sits well north of the 1,000 hp border (that’s right, we went for a conservative estimate in the title above). Oh, and let’s not forget that the Viper also comes with drag radials.

Fortunately, the two didn’t engage in street racing, at least not in front of the camera. Instead, they met at the drag strip, which meant things stayed safe, while a proper Christmas Tree take-off was used.
Keep in mind that the numbers displayed at the end of the run don”t take the reaction time into account, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

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