While the class still remains pretty niche, there is just something so exciting about watching all-wheel-drive performance SUVs that can really move out that’s just so impressive to lay eyes on. When the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 came out, it was most certainly a machine that took the world of performance by storm, putting everybody on watch while showing folks just how fast the grocery getter looking machine could really move out. As you could expect with pretty much any performance vehicle that comes the market, there would also be a whole line of people who were ready and willing to drop aftermarket components in the Jeeps to make them even faster!

This time, we check out an incredible rendition of such a Jeep with a machine that has seen quite some performance modification and, as a result, is able to do some pretty incredible things out there on the drag strip. The Jeep is well on its way to shocking just about anyone who lays eyes on this thing because when it hits the lanes, well, it’s really capable of doing some amazing work! Not only does the Jeep make its way down the track to impressive single-digit passes, burrying itself deep in the 8-second quarter mile club while approaching 170 mph, but pretty much every time the driver finds a way to yank the front wheels up in an epic display.

Follow along in the video below that takes you on the scene at Rockingham Dragway while the driver really puts the pedal down, picking up the wheels and truly making his presence felt as he makes everyone on the scene stop and stare. This big, bad performance SUV is really a ton of fun to watch when all of the tricks are let out of the bag and he makes the opposition respect the oversized heavy hitter.

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