Battle of Dodge Challengers: Pitting a Classic Against the New

Battle of Dodge Challengers: Pitting a Classic Against the New

Challenger SRT8 vs 340 Six Pack Challenger T/A – Old vs New – 1/4 Mile

6.1 Liter Challenger SRT8 goes head to head with a 1970 340 Six Pack Challenger T/A in six (6) 1/4 mile Drag Races.

Although the vintage 340 Six Pack T/A Challenger and Dodge Challenger SRT8 have a name in common, it’s like comparing apples and oranges due to the difference in age. That didn’t stop this pair of muscle cars from rising to the challenge (pun intended) of squaring off on the race track. These two didn’t just hit fly a quarter mile and quit, either; there’s more to this race than you initially may suspect.

First of all, the race was repeated multiple times throughout the day. The real kicker, however, is that switched up the drivers! With lots of unknown factors and undoubtedly some aftermarket additions, this race doesn’t really settle any arguments about which car take the title of Ultimate Challenger. To complicate that even further, they both scored wins on the multiple attempts. That doesn’t mean the attempts aren’t fun to watch, and you might be surprised at how well the classic version keeps up with a newer incarnation.

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