The Biggest Semi Truck Crash Of All Time

The Biggest Semi Truck Crash Of All Time

The bigger they are, the harder they crash. This slightly altered boxing proverb comes in handy to sum up what you’re about to see. If you think boxing knockouts are gruesome, trust me, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Shocking footage captures the moment a truck loaded with steel rods crashes into a toll barrier along Mexico’s La Marquesa Lerma highway.

The crash injured seven people, some of whom were working to repair an area already damaged by a crash in April, Se Uno Noticias reports. CCTV footage of Friday’s incident emerged Monday when it was posted to a Toluca road traffic page by E Fabian Lozano.

Local media reports the truck’s brakes failed while heading in the direction of Toluca at about 2pm local time. The truck crashed into retaining walls, sending the steel rods flying through the air.

The semi crashed into a retaining wall causing tons of steel rods to go flying through the air directly at construction workers repairing the damage from the previous crash. They immediately started to run, but there was no way to escape the tsunami of steel rods that oblitared everything in its path.

Incredibly, seven people were hurt but somehow none lost their lives. This brutal CCTV footage will make you wonder if this was a true miracle. I mean, how come no one died that day, are you kidding me?

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