If you’ve ever headed out to a boat ramp, you’re probably in the know about just how quickly things can happen out there just as they can with any other situation on the water. If you don’t keep an eye on all of the important metrics of launching the boat, one thing could spiral out of control into another and before you know it, a situation can get pretty expensive and downright dangerous as well. If you don’t believe us, head out there and start fooling around and see how long it takes before you end up in some sort of mishap that nobody wants to be involved in.

In this one, we take a look at yet another boat ramp situation gone wrong but instead of viewing it from the perspective of the bystander or even the person who owns the boat that caused all the mayhem, we get the viewpoint of somebody who is coming to the rescue and has been commissioned to help pull all of the wreckage out of the water and this time, unfortunately, there ends up being quite a bit of that. It’s kind of unfortunate as somebody probably had their sights set high on a good day on the water but ended up with a fist full of carnage instead.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be a party to the unfortunate and probably pretty expensive situation that has a pretty new looking Dodge Ram pickup truck going into the water with the boat that it was towing as it simply slid down the ramp and beyond the grasp of the driver who probably wishes that he could do this day over again and just not go out boating altogether. This is definitely a day that he’s going to want to write off and try to put into that repressed memory bank, we’re sure.

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