Buried In A Garage: 1969 Yenko/SC Chevelle Comes Out of Hiding & Is Headed for Restoration

Can you imagine the rush of opening the doors of this junk-filled garage to discover one of the most desirable and sought-after Chevelles ever built? Well, Rick Nelson and his fiance Annie Hartweg recently had the chance to find out what it will feel like after they received a phone call about a Chevelle that had been parked in this garage for the past 47 years. The couple runs a restoration shop in Illinois and initially received the call from the family that inherited the car about helping them find a buyer for it. Having a long history with Yenko cars, Annie had to have the car. When they got the garage, here is what they found. Not a hopeful first sight, but things get better real quick!

Once they cleared all the junk blocking the car in, they were able to get it out in the daylight and boy is it a glorious sight! It’s definitely a project that is going to need some work, but its a real deal Yenko/SC ! The story from the owner’s family is that shortly after getting this Super Car, Joe went out for a drink and to shoot some pool. When he went to leave, he discovered his car was gone. He reported it stolen and two weeks later it was found by the police with front-end damage. It was towed to this garage where he pulled it apart with plans of fixing it.

As things go, Joe never got around to putting his rare and valuable Chevelle back together, so it has remained in the garage ever since. While the damage is a major bummer and there’s likely more to the story, it’s what has kept this Chevelle around and with such low miles. The odometer is showing just 19k miles, but given that the engine is in pieces it may not matter much at this point. With so many parts scattered in and around the garage, I would have been a bit worried about missing parts. Rick believes everything is here for it except for the transmission, which he’s already trying to track down. Many of the front-end parts are also missing, but replacing them shouldn’t be too difficult.

Once they got the car to their shop, they set about cleaning it up and it sounds like it was a bit of a mess. On the upside, it isn’t too rusty and should be a fairly straightforward project to take on. They plan on getting it back into tip-top shape with as many original parts as they can. It should prove to be an interesting project to follow and we wish them the best with it! If you’d like to read more of the details, you can find the full story here on Hot Rod.

A Brief History of the Yenko Chevelle

Don Yenko knew from firsthand experience that the corporate COPO system, which he’d been using since 1967 for Camaros, would work just as well for the 1969 Chevelle. He felt that a COPO 427 Chevelle would be a winner.
Powered by the L72 427, these Chevelles were blessed with a Yenko Super Tune that raised the output from 425 to 450 horses. Most Yenko Chevelles (this one included) were fitted with close-ratio M21 four-speeds, but some received TH400 automatics. Other upgrades included front disc brakes and the F41 heavy-duty suspension. Inside the 12-bolt rearend were 4.10 gears.
Of the 99 units prepared and sold, a dozen Yenko COPO 9562 Chevelles were in Garnet red, like the one shown here. Today, this ultrarare edition is considered a museum piece and well worth the investment to restore—even one neglected for many decades.

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