When a new car comes on the market, naturally, as gearheads, we’re interested in this kind of thing. We’re going to want to see every last move that it makes, dissecting the machine as we try to compare to all of the standards set for it by media and manufacturers alike. It’s important to see not only that but also just how the car’s going to stack up against the other cars on the market, including the lineage from which it once came, putting it to the test against the older models and seeing just how much it’s improved along the way.

This time, we head to the Race proven Motorsports YouTube channel in order to check out just that as they head to the track with YouTuber, StreetSpeed717, in the name of checking out the new ZR1 and comparing it to what they already have some experience with, in their C6 ZR1. The forum for this type of trial is none other than Cecil County Dragway, a place that offers up some of the best drag strip that you can possibly race on and puts these Chevrolet Corvette ZR1s in their natural habitat as they head down the lanes to attempt to lay down not only the best possible elapsed time that they can but also to try and see how much trap speed they can put together as the cars reel in the big end of the track.

If you check out the video below, it might not be the most fair comparison in the world as the C6 variant of the car is not exactly bone stock, however, it gives you a sort of crystal ball to look into so that you might be able to see where the C7 may eventually be running and then some when it’s been figured out a little bit more by drivers and tuners alike!

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