Camaro Morphs Into Pontiac GTO “The Judge”

Before you go ahead and get on your high horse, everyone knows already. Pontiac is dead.
But, even though the brand isn’t around to create new models, there are plenty of aficionados around to replicate plenty of memorable Pontiac models. And even more people who appreciate them.

Take the Pontiac GTO “The Judge” for instance. There are many boomers around who recall the release of the special edition in 1969, with the rally wheels sans chrome rings, the Ram Air engine, and the Hurst shifter. It was pretty nice for a stripped down GTO, but didn’t last too long in production.
Fond memories come flooding back when those same people see this Pontiac GTO “The Judge”, based on a fifth generation Camaro. A company by the name of Trans Am Depot has given us a car with the telltale signs of The Judge. The split grille with hidden headlights, the decal in front of the front wheel, and the sweeping body lines leading to the chunky, molded trunk lid and rear bumper.
This sexy beast is available in three packages, all with a supercharger. Output ranges from 500 hp to 650 hp in the top model. Count me in!

Don’t like it? Who are you to ‘Judge’? Check out gallery for more photos

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