If you have the money, there are many choices out there if you are looking for a system to deter thieves from getting their grubby, dirty fingers on your ride. You could elect to get some sort of alarm to alert you that people are trying to break in or maybe even install some sort of kill switch that won’t allow your vehicle to turn on unless activated. However, it really seems like, with the way that people learn to drive today, that there’s another way to protect your car and it’s something that you’d probably never even think twice about!

This situation, in particular, might just show us that the best antitheft device of all could be included in even the most basic of cars on the road today as a couple of burglars were stopped in their tracks. When these three teens attempted to go after a 70-year-old woman, a person who would normally look like an easy target, they ran into something that hilariously stopped them and made the wrongdoers look like a bunch of fools as they couldn’t figure out what to do and basically backed themselves into a corner.
No, Nancy Fredrickson wasn’t holding a gun in her purse, but rather, none of the would-be criminals could figure out how to drive her Kia’s manual transmission. It might seem like a freak accident and that another criminal might know how to drive a stick, it wouldn’t work every time and while that might be true, reports that less than 18% of Americans can drive a manual transmission gives you really good odds.

Check out the video below that tells all about this situation that is simply too good to script. The failed criminals have to be feeling especially dumb after this one. The police even managed to come up with prints and DNA so hopefully, these kids can get the help that they need to be rehabilitated into productive members of society.


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