The caption on Truck Trend’s Facebook post sums up the positive attributes of the 2019 Silverado lineup, introduced yesterday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit: “And the crowd goes wild! Chevrolet revealed the full 2019 Silverado 1500 lineup in Detroit tonight, soon with an available 3.0L Duramax I-6. Other highlights? 400 pounds lighter, 7 percent more aerodynamic, and with the most cabin and cargo box space of any full-size truck, according to Chevy.”

I’m going to shoot straight here, because I feel like our readers expect that from us: I’m not a fan of the new styling cues. Luckily, there’s a whole lot more to these trucks than the grille, which I find obnoxious, and the rail lights that look as though they were swiped directly from the blue oval camp’s rejected taillight design bin. This is the first time in my lifetime that I didn’t find the Silverado’s overhaul a welcome refresh. It looks as though they’ve taken the current design, which is overall pretty solid, and tried to exaggerate everything, to excess. Huge grille openings look great on sporty sedans, they don’t work on Chevy’s pickup, especially not when they’re bisected by a horizontal bar with the boring gold Bowtie in the center.
I am excited to see how the new inline six cylinder Duramax powerplant lands with the truck being public. For quite some time now, you’ve been limited to the heavier-duty 2500 series Silverado if you wanted a D-Max, so the 3.0 liter diesel in the 1500 series is a fairly big changeup for the General. The engine’s smaller displacement could easily be offset with today’s diesel engine management capable of cranking out huge power without really knocking fuel mileage in the head too badly.
I do have to say, looking beyond the grille and rear section, I wouldn’t turn down that red-on-black Trail Boss package shown in the accompanying video if somebody were to offer one up for me to drive. The black trim and aggressive tires almost make it look as though Chevy may be trying to swipe some of Ford’s Raptor fans, although the four door Chevy does look to be a tad bulkier than the Raptor. Time will tell if the new design is a hit or a miss, but even if it grows on me, I just don’t think I will like it as much as I do the outgoing design.

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