If you’re working on a newer car, it can definitely be a challenging experience as you try to fit all the puzzle pieces together to bring together the vision that you had in your head on the canvas in front of you. However, if you take a step toward older machines, that puzzle can get even more challenging as, when you begin to put together the car, you might just find that parts are a little bit more difficult to come by. Naturally, as these cars age, eventually their popularity drops and therefore, the aftermarket slowly begins to decrease along with the idea that there aren’t going to be as many original parts still left in circulation.

This time, however, we check out what might be seen as some sort of wonderland if you’re working on building a Chevy II Nova. Instead of having to go all around and figure out a way to source the various parts that you need, this place could serve as a builder’s dream as you can essentially see everything that they’ve got, making your way around the Nova graveyard and finding those parts that are hard to come by. Heck, because places like this exist, people looking to build these kinds of cars would otherwise probably be looking for hours upon hours to find just the right fender, grill, or some other part but can find them here in a snap.

If you follow along below, you’ll get a taste of the Nova 2 Ranch, a place that Chevy fanatics will be able to use to rest easy, knowing that the part they need is probably right under their nose, that is, if they’re building a Nova from this generation. Places like this, in addition to their usefulness, are also pretty neat to walk around at and take a look at as you can see all of the nostalgia practically flowing in front of you when picturing what these machines have been through in their heyday.

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