Corvette ZR1 Prototype Screams at the ‘Ring

Corvette ZR1 Prototype Screams at the ‘Ring

In 1883, the Indonesian island of Krakatoa exploded. It was the loudest sound in recorded history, being heard over 3,000 miles away. Barometers recorded the shockwave as it made four passes around the world. The Earth literally rung like a bell. As someone who has permanent hearing damage from Chevrolet’s small block V8, my perforated eardrums are somewhat attenuated to their distinctive exhaust. Or at least I thought they were until now. Testing at the Nurburgring is a rite of passage for every new supercar. Usually, its easy to match the audio to an approaching car, but PDriveTV captured something wild. Krakatoa, Ktulu, and the Kraken will all be humbled by this roar.

If your value the longevity of your audio system, dial it back because this monster goes to 11. Several sources have made light that GM registered LT5 as a trademark. The last time they used this designation was in the 1990-95 ZR1. It was the codename for the dual-overhead cam engine that was engineered by Lotus and produced by Mercury Marine. The 5.7 liter V8 was built exclusively for the Corvette ZR1, and it shared almost nothing in common with any other engine. Since then, Corvettes have only had a single camshaft operating a traditional overhead valve design. But if Chevrolet has found a way to harness the power of their late model V8 designs and combine them with overhead cams, it will be a Sledgehammer. Previous prototypes were seen fitted with exhaust pipes aimed to the left. The ‘Ring does have noise laws when races are not scheduled, so don’t leave home without your mufflers. A DOHC engine is taller than what is currently offered in the Z06, so the new hood makes room for innovation. A faint hint of blower wine is drowned out by the loudest pipes we’ve heard in awhile, so it sounds like the ZR1 is returning with a vengeance. We have several examples of the wild C6 Corvette ZR1 for sale, but if 638 horsepower doesn’t appeal to you the new model should be released this fall. Tell us what you hear, and stay with us for more Corvette news.

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