Just imagine this scenario unfolding in your lap!
So, you just managed to get your hands on a new vehicle and after getting a decent deal, you decide that maybe the color isn’t exactly what you wanted it to be so you head back to the dealership and try and trade it for a vehicle that’s pretty similar but just so happens to be in a different color. According to this news report, that’s exactly what this customer decided to do and after trading in his truck on another truck, it just so turned out that he would come out even, something that really doesn’t happen all that much after you leave the dealer’s lot.

However, as it turned out, this deal that seemed maybe like it was a little bit too good and that the dealer was actually doing something that wasn’t in pursuit of money actually was a little bit too good to be true when you’d see what was coming. After leaving the dealer with his new truck, the customer would get a phone call from the dealership, saying that they made a mistake on paperwork and needed to come in and shovel over $5600 of his own money. As any normal human being would probably respond to this incident, the man refused and from there, things just so happened to get incredibly complicated, turning what should have been a simple transaction into a witchhunt that would have the owner of this vehicle spending some time in jail of all places on what could have been seen as a false police report. This isn’t a situation that any business should want their name tied up with.

You see, after refusing to pay off the dealership, police would come and slap the cuffs on this man, hauling him off to jail and starting the cycle of what would turn out to be a lawsuit worth millions of dollars that probably had this car dealership wishing that they had handled things a little bit differently. Cutting their losses on the spot looks like a much better alternative in hindsight as the customer is lashing back, seeking $2.2 million in damages, attorney fees, and pain and suffering when all is said and done. This story might bring all-new meaning to being robbed by a dealer and there’s a good chance that they won’t be getting away with it!

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