With the Dodge Demon rolling out into the streets and tracks across the country in full force at this point in time, and the last ever Demon rolling off of the assembly line, if the car is never brought back and Dodge stays true to what they claimed with the 3300 units in existence being all that they will ever make, seeing a scene like this is literally watching history unfold right in front of our very own eyes. Right now, it might not seem like anything special but when you think about the fact that none of these cars will ever be put together again, it really adds a sort of mystique to the process that you might have not thought about.

When the vehicle in question here was concocted by the engineers and designers behind it, every single piece had a function and some pieces that were put in place were pretty new to the consumer automobile market as many of the parts that you’ll find on a new Demon are targeted directly at the drag racing consumer, a concept that you won’t really find spread across the board. Therefore, it’s quite entertaining to watch as each and every component is carefully put in place whether it be entirely by machine or with the help of a human being to make sure that everything is ship shape.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll watch the historic production process of one of the most badass American production cars to ever roll off of an assembly line anywhere. It’s pretty crazy to think that, at this point in time, no new Demon will ever be produced again. Therefore, the people who are in possession of these vehicles now are going to be the only ones in all of history who can say that they were the original owner of such a car.

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