Dodge Charger 1968 440ci – Fabulous look & sound

Dodge Charger 1968 440ci – Fabulous look & sound

The internet is full of various videos of cars or what is supposed to be cars ūüôā

Recently, we accidentally encountered on, what we think is among the best MOPAR car video that can be see on Youtube.

There are many comments there like:

-Who needs a radio when you have this bitching sound.

-built in 68 still better looking than anything built today

–¬†sex on wheels

– ¬†That’s music!

Р this little beauty is my dream car

– That is absolutely glorious!


And know what? We agree on all of them! This is some¬†[email protected] looking, clean and fabulous car!

So, put your headphone, and listen & look this gorgeous video:


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