“DONK” Fails in Spectacular Drag Race- Wheels fly off!

“DONK” Fails in Spectacular Drag Race- Wheels fly off!

We have always found seeing these “donks” on the road an amusing sight, but even more hilarious is what happens when they take them to the strip.

Some of these cars were running 11 second passes, before THIS incident happened.

Apparently someone didnt do the rear wheels up properly, and here’s the result..

Funny, but at the same time, that could have been hell dangerous!

Donks are not for drag racing!

What makes you think a car like that is a good racecar? Even if it did get down the track, the speed wobble must be insane. We have seen some put down upwards of 1500hp but the tires they use makes it almost unusable. These guys run on wheels that are all over 24″ tall and tires that look like rubber bands. The car in the left lane just completely grenaded itself right off the line and almost spun out into the wall!

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