Starting a BBQ with High Voltage Electricity!

If you’ve ever heard of the self-proclaimed “King of Random,” you have probably seen some of his experiments that put the most miscellaneous things to the test to see exactly what happens when these off-the-wall experiments come to life. This time, since it’s summer and all, the King of Random is going ahead and using charcoal, a material that many of you will find in your grills this year, and seeing exactly what happens wanted to expose it to high-voltage. As it’s explained to us wood isn’t the best conductor of electricity but charcoal, or petrified wood, might just be a little bit better at getting the job done.

With an electrical current in a couple of charcoal bricks at hand, the only thing left to do is to slap on the proper safety equipment and get to work to see exactly what will happen when electricity travels through such a substance. I’m not sure if you should expect it to catch on fire, explode, or do something totally anti-climactic, but I guess that we’re going to find out when the current gets to flowing to see exactly how it’s going to interact with the subject at hand.

Follow along with the video down below to see exactly how the environment acts when these combustible elements come together at once to come to a solution to this question that we all are dying to get answered.

In addition to the main task at hand, we also get the opportunity to see how some other substances will react to an electrical current. It looks like it’s time to sit down, strap in, and enjoy some of this mesmerizing content that we wouldn’t recommend trying at home. Watching how the electricity flows here happens to be an absolute blast to lay your eyes on.

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