Last year, Street Outlaws stars Farmtruck and AZN headed Down Under to the Street Machine magazine Summernats, one of Australia’s most insane automotive events. More than just a race, the Summernats has something for everybody, including what could very well be the most insane burnout competition on the planet. Cars and trucks come from all over the continent to compete in the burnout pit at Exhibition Park in Canberra, or EPIC. Rumor has it that the burnout contest at this event alone is responsible for 12% of the cloud cover on earth. Whether that’s true or not isn’t for me to decide, but from the footage I’ve seen, I’m not going to argue.

Since they had such a great time last year, Team FNA decided to not only return for the festivities in 2018, this time they built a whole new – at least to them – Farmtruck to compete in the burnout competition themselves. We’ve followed the build up on the truck over the past couple of months, for those who have missed it elsewhere, and finally got to see it in action yesterday, which is actually today in Australia.
The new truck was built just for this competition, so while horsepower is certainly a factor, there’s no need for a big-inch nitrous injected powerplant. The new Farmtruck, dubbed the Skidtruck by some locals in the Land of Oz, is powered by an LS-based engine that pumps out more than enough power to send the rear tires to their final resting place in spectacular fashion. However, we wouldn’t get to see if Farmtruck was able to hold his foot in it long enough to actually ignite the tires, something that actually happens regularly during this competition, because he had a slight mishap that ended his day early.

During his smoke show, something in the steering locked up and caused the truck to slam into one of the concrete barrier that outline the burnout pit. This left Farmtruck and AZN powerless to do anything but load the truck up and see if it could be repaired. We’ll check in and see if it looks like they will be able to get the truck back up and running to complete the weekend’s events!

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