It might not be a world that’s covered all that much in mainstream pop culture but the world of remote control is able to accomplish some pretty exciting things. Not only do they take the liberty of scaling down and mimicking just about every single aspect of life from construction equipment to boats and everything in between but they also go ahead and do some pretty insane things when it comes to reaching new heights and chasing down goals. This time, we check out a radio-controlled machine that really is worthy of admiration as not just anybody can go out there and accomplish something like this.

It looks like this RC freak of nature was designed with speed in mind as it has managed to make its way into the record books, becoming what this video says is the first ever radio controlled car that has been able to achieve 200 mph. You had better watch your ankles if you’re anywhere near this thing because I get the hunch that if it were to run into anybody at that kind of speed, it would be an incredibly bad feeling that you definitely don’t want to be a part of. Otherwise, watch and learn as this miniature machine in action is nothing short of a great time as it really manages to get up to speed incredibly quickly, clocking home speeds of 202 mph.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how quick something like this could possibly be. Just when you thought that remote control cars were child’s play, along comes something that makes you really consider wanting to dump copious amounts money into a hobby like this in order to go fast. It’s pure magic when you see the person behind this one lay into the controls and make it zip right into the record book.

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