We can always count on Rob Ferretti, aka YouTuber superspeedersRob aka Mr. Spaghetti, to have his finger on the pulse of the goings-on in the car world. For the past several months, there has been a great deal of drama surrounding Ford’s GT and the plight of the car’s buyers that have tried to sell the car for more than the MSRP. While very few cars in history have been so sought-after that the buyers have been able to turn around and immediately sell them for more than they paid, it does happen occasionally with supercars like the GT.

The most visible case has been between Ford and WWE entertainer John Cena, who was approved to buy a GT through Ford’s application process (what automaker wouldn’t want to list John Cena as a client, right?). He took delivery of his car and made a video for his channel about the car. However, seemingly days later, it was revealed that Ford had filed suit against Cena for selling the car for a profit, something that is apparently disallowed in the buyer’s agreement (we haven’t seen any proof of such a clause in the contract at this point, so we can’t really chime in on that).
Recently, the MECUM Auto Auction sold a GT for nearly two million dollars, obviously well above the car’s half million dollar selling price. They made an announcement before the bidding began that they had taken the matter to court and had a judge rule it was perfectly fine for them to sell the car at whatever price without fear of a suit from Ford.
As Rob points out in his chat about the situation, if Ford wanted to control this matter, they should have simply leased the car, which means they retain ownership and prevent the lessee from selling the car at all, at least for 2 years, which is supposedly how long the buyers were to wait before selling their GT’s.

Give the video a watch and let us know what you think about this whole situation in the comments! A special thanks to Rob for making me hungry while watching this video!

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