Each and every year just keeps on getting better in terms of performance automobiles making their way to the market. I think that we are really at the point where manufacturers have figured out how to make some efficient power among all of the technological developments that have taken place through the various brands to look to put out some sort of performance vehicle, however, as these thing start getting more and more powerful, perhaps the next developments that we see might be somewhere in safety as all these machines are making their way to north of 700 hp which is a lot for even the most experienced drivers.

This time, we check in with a little bit of a presentation as Ford goes out of their way to announce that the latest Shelby GT500 is coming out next year and it will also be sporting over 700 hp. In this day and age, it almost seems as if anything in the top tier of performance for a brand should make north of that 700 mark, otherwise it might not even get a second look. Therefore, this Shelby seems to fit the bill pretty well and we’re all pretty excited to see everything with the car has to offer which hasn’t exactly been unveiled yet as Ford looks like they’re taking their time on this one.

If you check out the video below, you’ll hear a little bit about the thoughts behind the latest GT500 that should be coming to market next year. While they don’t show us the entire car at once, this might be enough for the inner Ford fan in you to get hyped up and ready to see everything that this car has to offer when it finally does hit the market. Pretty much any muscle car fan should be stoked to hear this news and the fact that another brand is stepping in that 700 hp ring.

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