Ford Powerstroke Diesel vs Chevy Duramax Drag Race

Ford Powerstroke Diesel vs Chevy Duramax Drag Race

Do you know why trucks are the best for drag races? Well, if not we will try to explain some things to you because we think it is very important to know it.

So, the trucks are mostly used in the drag racing world, because first they can keep balance very well on a road.

Because of the weight that they have, and they don’t have problems with keeping themselves on the track and on a right course.

Second they have very strong and the powerful engines that can power up the truck and drive it at high speeds on a track.

And if the engine that they have is not enough to win a race, there is always possibility to upgrade it with something more powerful and faster than the stock one.

Here in the video below we have two trucks that made history.

The Ford Powerstroke is on the track to measure its power with his opponent, the Chevy Duramax.

Well, we all know how powerful and fast these trucks are but let’s see who will be the better driver and who will stay on a track in order to win this race.

This was filmed at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison Colorado.
Elevation is just under 6000 feet above sea level.

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