If we’re talking about vehicles that you would classify as barn finds, there are many interesting stories that go alongside these types of vehicle. Sure, the act in and of itself where someone is uncovering a piece of history that has just been sitting in one place, hidden from the rest of humanity, is exciting in itself, however, sometimes when you find out exactly why a vehicle was sitting in the same place for so long or how exactly it might’ve gotten there, it can make the experience all that much more satisfying. There’s just something about knowing the history behind it all that really makes it all come around full circle.

This time, quite the interesting story rears its head as we find out about a 1969 Hemi Cuda that was hiding out inside of a mobile home trailer. Yes, you read that correctly.

Apparently, the owner of this vehicle had his fun with the car, taking it to lots of big Mopar shows and enjoying the set of wheels, however, as the story goes, he would simply stash it after getting his use out of it and move on to other cars that he had. Because of this, it would sit unattended to and forgotten for an entire 32-year span of time.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get the complete story of how this car was almost forgotten about before it was rediscovered again and put in the hands of somebody who would make sure that it was maintained in the way that any hardcore Mopar enthusiast would want it to be.

When you hear about why some of these barn find cars and up in the state that they do, it really makes you wonder exactly how peoples’ lives can change in order to leave behind something that most would have great admiration for.

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