Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon a situation where you want to give the people involved the benefit of the doubt but then, there really comes a point where we realize that some people really just need to take a nice lick and fall down a couple of times before they can eventually get their bearings about them and figure out that maybe they shouldn’t touch the fire anymore. I mean, after you do something several times and end up in a bad position with every action that you involve yourself with, eventually, you would think that people will begin to learn what not to do and how to avoid these bad situations, in a perfect world.

In this one, we ride along with what looks to be another sideshow out on the west coast somewhere. If you’re not too familiar with what this is, basically, the premise behind a sideshow is vehicles will throw themselves sideways, burning rubber and sending smoke into the sky as they try and put on a display as people stand around and watch. Sometimes, things can get rather reckless as the cars spiral out of control and, with people standing nearby, you can see where this could get incredibly dangerous. However, this time, the injury didn’t come when a member of the crowd got too to close to the show but instead, when somebody who was a part of the show decided to make a bad decision.

I’m really not sure how anyone thinks that it’s a good idea to stand up in the back of a pickup truck that’s wheeling around from side to side, doing donuts and trying to drive as erratically as possible, however, it looks like we found an individual who didn’t really mind the danger that much and, as such, would end up getting tossed over the side of the pickup into the ground hard. The baffling part of the whole display is that, after he was thankfully okay, he decided to get up, hop in the back of the truck once again, and do it all again. We’ll let you chime in with your point of view on this one because it’s sure to be a story that kicks up some controversy.

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