The sport of drag racing is definitely one that has captured our hearts, however, for those who compete, it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. In addition to all of the hustle that goes into getting your car ready and the potential that it might break, there is also a dark cloud looming in the back of every racer’s mind that says that they could potentially end up crashing their car. Thankfully, it isn’t all that common that something like this happens, however, it’s a very real situation to consider and this is why so much safety gear is generally put into place.

While wrecking a vehicle might be something that isn’t as common as one would think, something that is simply unheard of is not even making it out of the burnout before getting into an accident. Most of the time, drag racing accidents will happen in when drivers get out a little bit of a distance and continue to try and make their way down to the race track when traction simply isn’t on their side, causing them to lose it into a wall or perhaps a mechanical failure will trigger a series of events that will send the car into a situation from which the driver cannot recover. However, in all of my years of racing, I can’t say that I have ever seen a vehicle wreck while doing its burnout.

The crazy part here is that after watching this video a couple of times, it also doesn’t appear as if there was very much the driver did wrong in this one. I guess that the car just got rolling a little bit too fast while sending smoke off the tires, grabbing traction at just the wrong time before being sent toward the wall.
Fortunately, it doesn’t look like any bodily injury was done in the situation but it has to be really disheartening, to say the least.

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