Holy Cow! Unfriendly Nitrous Got This Mustang Heavily Toasted!

Holy Cow! Unfriendly Nitrous Got This Mustang Heavily Toasted!

Nitrous and backfiring sure is cool and entertaining but it isn’t 100% of the time that both of them end up desirable. And this poor Mustang is one such great example with it getting heavily toasted by its unfriendly nitrous.

If you love Mustangs, then watching this one will sure hurt you. The owner of this Mustang witnesses his ride as it gets burned down to the ground. A moment which could’ve been exciting and joyful, especially with a cool ride to test some nitrous and backfiring on, instantly turns sad and horrible. So if you’re someone who’s planning to install some nitrous too, then be sure to choose something “friendly” and ensure an installation that’s proper.

And another sad part of the story? Well, the lousy fire fighters. The fire sure started small but the unwise move of the fire crew allowed the car to burn down for long taking a whole lot of damage that may be already impossible to recover.

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