Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the 2017 SEMA Show, held last October in Las Vegas, then you’ve probably seen the Ring Brothers’ insane take on the ’72 AMC Javelin, a car that sent gearheads around the world into a tailspin when it debuted at the show.

Coated in a perfectly antifreeze-like greenish-yellow paint, the car has an undeniable impact at first glance, then draws you in with the exacting attention to detail that the Ring Brothers are known for. Little touches like the custom hood pins, the exposed radiator cap, the custom splitter and double-stacked cowl hood add up, while well-hidden major changes like stretching the wheelbase over half a foot combine to give the car beautiful profile and insanely clean lines from every angle.
Under the hood, the supercharged Hellcat HEMI powerplant has been fitted with a massive blower and massaged to put down over 1,000 horsepower to the wheels, all the while turning heads as a ride that could win any car show. The guys at Hoonigan welcomed the car to Hoon HQ, where they got to spend a day drooling over the Javelin. Scotto especially seems to be into the build, as he expounds upon the modifications the builders did to the car to make it really stand out from the crowd. You can feel the excitement from the guys as they go over the car with a fine-toothed comb, checking out all of the previously mentioned modifications and others.

Finally, as is mandatory for all cars that visit Hoonigan Headquarters, they take the car down to ground level for a righteous, smoky burnout, proving that the car isn’t just to be looked at. With four-digit horsepower levels on tap, the car has no problem obliterating the rear tires, as you can see the smoke boiling out form under the car as Scotto burns out across the concrete. This is one amazing build and we’re stoked to see it getting put through the paces by the awesome Hoonigan crew.

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