Imagine Finding Out That Your Grandpa Was Hiding A Car Collection Worth Over $15 Million

Imagine Finding Out That Your Grandpa Was Hiding A Car Collection Worth Over $15 Million

( OMG! I wish this was a my grandpa!)

We are a very curious species and because of this we love to explore, we like to dive deep into the unknown parts of the world and see what is there just waiting to be discovered. With all this futuristic technology engulfing our lives it’s easier and easier to explore the unknown. Because of our undeniable human nature and the assistance of modern technology, today we are overly confident that we have pretty much mapped out most parts of the world. Well that is a rather arrogant statement because there are hidden gems and treasures right beneath our noses and we are all too ecstatic when one of these treasures surfaces. This is exactly the case at a farm in France and being ecstatic is exactly the feeling that two brothers are feeling right now. The story begins 50 years ago with an entrepreneur named Roger Baillon.

Roger Baillon was a very wealthy businessman in the transportation industry who had a dream of collecting the finest pre-war automobiles in the world. Restoring them and placing them in a dedicated museum for the world to enjoy.

The Baillon car collection started at the peak of his success in the 1950’s. He had restored roadster that he would enter in some high-class car shows and his love of fine automobiles only grew from there.

Over the next few years he had acquired over 120 very rare and sought after cars. Some of the cars even had some incredible histories associated with them.

One of the cars (Talbot-Lago T26 convertible) was formerly owned by the Egyptian King Farouk. Another car (the Ferrari 250 GT) was featured in many Hollywood films with actors and actresses such as Jane Fonda and Shirly MacLaine.

The entrepreneur never expected his wealth to expire and his businesses to fail but sadly thats exactly what happened. He was forced to sell half of his collection and halt the restoration of the remaining automobiles. The other half were stored in purpose built structures surrounding the family farm.

He was very proud of his collection and made sure that each vehicle was very well documented to preserve its history.

Sadly his passion for these incredible vehicles was not completely shared by his son who let the world forget about this collection of rare cars. Roger Baillon passed away some time ago and his son passed away early last year leaving this collection with an unsure fate.

We recently wrote about the barn find (to be precise a whole property full with deserted cars) in rural California, but we believe that this goes far beyond the figure mentioned there.


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