Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk vs. McLaren 570S Drag Race Is Brutal

When throwing a glance at the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and the McLaren 570S, one would be tempted to state that the two could hardly be more different.

However, if we zoom in on the two machines, we’re noticing that both are animated by V8 motors, while also being extremely good at playing the velocity game.
In fact, a challenge involving the Woking animal and the brick-shaped slab of America, such as drag race, doesn’t even seem all that wild. And we’ve brought along a piece of footage that can prove this.
Hennessey Performance has brought the two together on the drag strip found in its facility. The Lone Star State developer was extremely curious to see how the super-SUV would fare against the supercar, so the two engages in two kinds of races.
While both involved standing starts, one of them saw the Macca using its Launch Control magic, while the other simply involved the driver of the 570S stepping on the gas once the third horn was heard (no Christmas Tree here).
Keep in mind that we’re talking about the quickest production Jeep in the history of the brand and a near-entry-level Macca (that title actually goes to the 540C).
A glance on the figures of the two velocity beasts shows that the 707-pony Jeep needs 11.6 seconds to complete the good old quarter-mile stunt, while the 570 hp McLaren can play the 1,320 feet game in 10.4 seconds.

However, we can tell you that the real-world picture isn’t even close to being fully described by the figures above. To put things another way, this Jeep does a brilliant job at giving the McLaren a run for its money, at least during the first stages of the race. And this is a factory vehicle conclusion that would’ve sounded impossible earlier in this decade.

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