Man arrested for stealing Ferrari, having it in his possession for almost two weeks

When you hear of a Ferrari being boosted, you would probably think of a very careful, experience thief that resembles some of the crew from ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ or ‘Oceans 11’. However, in this case, it was just another ordinary Santa Ana thug that figured he hit the jackpot when he came across the 2015 Ferrari 458. In some ways, he may have actually hit the jackpot because he (kind of) owned this car for an entire week. But eventually all good things come to an end and you have to pay consequences for your actions –like a little prison time.
On October 18 of 2017, a man by the name stole a Ferrari 458 from Ferrari & Maserati of Newport Beach Service Center while it had been parked outside with the keys in it. The suspected thief of the Ferrari is 38-year old Isreal Perez Rangel. The sports car was owned by Susan Friedman of Laguna Beach. When she arrived at the service center the next day (October 19), she was shocked to find that they had lost her car.
Luckily, the service center had plenty of surveillance cameras and was able to spot a man walk onto the property in a Ferrari jacket, which helped him blend in. The man even walked passed several employees and looked in multiple car windows before hopping into the Ferrari, valued at approximately $265,000, and taking off.
After the service center and Friedman realized that the car was no longer on the property, they notified police who arrived at the scene and investigated. However, for nearly two weeks there were no leads or signs of the vehicle. Friedman was certain that a group of criminals had stolen her vehicle, which was now on a shipping container headed for Asia.
However, police finally received a bite on November 1 after receiving a call that somebody in a Ferrari was driving recklessly and had stopped right by the Hotel Terrace in Santa Ana. Shortly before that, police were also notified that there was a man at a gas station in the area that was begging for change in front of the business. It was reported that they became suspicious after the man used the donations to put gas in the high-dollar Ferrari sports car.

After receiving the reports, the police arrived at the scene and found the vehicle to be wrecked. Nearby, police located the suspect who was hiding behind bushes in front of a Holiday Inn hotel. The car sustained significant damage, with approximately $50,000 of repairs needed. Rangel, who has a long criminal record that spans back from 2002, was charged with a long list of charges, including grand theft auto. He pled not guilty at his arraignment on November 3rd and is awaiting a pre-trial hearing on December 12, 2017.

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