When you’re first learning about performance automobiles, one of the most basic things that you pick up on is that you should add an aftermarket exhaust to your car to help all of that extra gas get out quicker. After all, removing air from your engine in the least restrictive way possible is basically the principle that high horsepower applications thrive off of, or is it? On the flipside of that coin, you will hear people talking out all sorts of things like back pressure, saying that there could be a situation where you lose too much restriction, making your engine flow too well but what is the actual verdict on something like this?

Well, in order to understand what the best situation is for your car in question, first, you should probably understand exactly what all these concepts are before understanding how they all interact. This time, the guys over at Engineering Explained give us the full rundown of what exactly you’re getting with a better flowing exhaust and how concepts like back pressure come into play along with if you have to worry about them. Just when you thought you knew everything about how a car’s exhaust system works, along comes a demonstration like this that will completely break down every last aspect of it to give you a better understanding of exactly what it is that you’re looking at or working on.

If you follow along down in the video below, you get the entire setup broken down to you, step-by-step, until you learn more than you could ever possibly want to know about an exhaust system and its function. After watching this video and soaking in all of that in-depth information, you may just find that you’re a little bit… Exhausted. Yeah, we went there.

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