The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a model that has hung around for a while and has found great success as a family hauler and an off-road machine alike but, if you’ve been around the world of racing, you also know that utility isn’t where the lineup stops as it reaches out and conquers new heights, showing us that there is a variant that will spread its wings and fly, almost quite literally.

With the release of the SRT8 version, the model would become much more than that, especially when folks started to tinker with the factory mechanics. Lots of fanatics have found their way into the machines and modified them to the moon, taking the already quick factory performance powerhouse and sending it straight to the next level to really make these bricks haul the mail!
This time, we take a look at a version of the killer Jeep that features a RWD conversion and 440ci of Hemi awesomeness that’s good for 650hp to the rear wheels. When you combine all of the factors, you get one heck of a pass that’s certainly a lot of fun to watch, a pass that not too many unsuspecting bystanders would probably expect to see out of a Jeep like this one!

Check out the video below as the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 goes head to head with a Chevrolet Camaro, hangs the wheels, and manages to lay down a 10-second pass, going [email protected]! If that’s not impressive for a big and bad SUV then we’re not sure what is! Being able to come to the table with that sort of weight and follow through with a quarter mile pass like this is something that you’re certainly not going to see every day. After seeing this one for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the Jeep.

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