Pagani Huayra BC’s Fiery Exhaust Is a $2.5 Million Machine Gun Piece

Ever wondered how a $2.5 million machine gun looks and sounds like? No, we’re not talking about firepower coming from an assault helicopter. Instead, we’re referring to the exhaust of the Pagani Huayra BC.
Supercar collector dan_am_i, whose garage accommodates one of the world’s only twenty Huayra BC examples, has now taken to Instagram to showcase the fiery might of the machines.
The quadruple exhaust layout of the Huayra BC allows the 750+ hp twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12 heart of the hypercar to fully express its feelings and emotions.
The Mercedes-AMG powertrain is as fierce as they get, and might just be mistaken for a firearm when its soundtrack is played at serious volume.
Among other powerplant goodies, the BC treatment includes a less restrictive rear muffler, which uses titanium and is seriously lighter than the one of the standard Huayra, if we might call it so.
Speaking of which, the hefty diet that almost makes the normal Huayra look less than the scale-friendly animal that it is, allows the BC to sit at just 2,685 lbs.
We’re glad to see such owners putting their machines to good use instead of locking them inside garages and wait for their value to increase. You see, when Pagani introduced the staggering Huayra BC, the entire production run had been allocated.
Nevertheless, the San Cesario sul Panaro automaker did allow everybody to place orders for the Roadster incarnation of the BC.
The BC suffix is a nod to Benny Caiola, a late aficionado who was a friend of company founder Horacio Pagani and who acquired the very first automotive offered by the automotive producer.
Speaking of fiery exhaust setups, we’ll remind you that we recently showed you just how flame-friendly the hardware of the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is. Keep in mind that we’re talking about a supercar that has its engine up front and this comes with a longer exhaust architecture.

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