Police Tire Spikes Help a Policeman CATCH a Speeding Car!

Police Tire Spikes Help a Policeman CATCH a Speeding Car! ( No, it`s not new grand theft auto trailer 🙂 )

Being a police officer is not an easy task. Police car chases and pursuits are very common these days. Dealing in those situations requires some experience and courage. Mounting a camera in every police car enabled us to witness the various situations police officers face with. Chasing down and catching or stopping a speeding vehicle has been a major issue. The governments have developed a stopping system using police tire spikes which are thrown in front of a speeding vehicle which will safely deflate its tires and eventually make the car stop.

Some brave police officers in a real-life chase down show us how exactly that system works. They are nervously waiting for the speeding car on the road and are preparing the police tire spikes. Just as the car was about to pass them, the police officer throws the spikes in front of the speeding vehicle. The vehicle runs over them and eventually, as we can see from the video, deflates the tires which cause the car to stop. The spikes are made in a way which will slowly and in a safe manner deflate the tires, removing the possibility of causing any further dangers. What do you think, will the police use them more often in the future?

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