Rare Dodge Viper Crashes at Knoxville Cars and Coffee

Dodge Viper Hits the Trees After Leaving Cars & Coffee – It’s not always Mustangs, apparently

How many times have we witnessed douchebag driving at Cars & Coffee ? Although Mustang drivers often pave the way for others, they aren’t the only ones that can’t handle their car’s power. We’ve always known Dodge Vipers to be some of the toughest handling sports cars out there. The restless snake has bitten myriad of time, and it has recently struck again.

This fail comes from Knoxville, Tennessee branch of Cars & Coffee. Abusing the throttle in a second generation Dodge Viper is never a good idea. Luckily, this specimen’s owner has managed to execute a swift countersteer that’s helped him dodge the crowd (see what I did there?). On the other hand, that’s exactly what’s made him lose control and threw him towards the trees on the other side.

One spectator who has shared his view of the accident on Reddit, said:

“So saw this happen, and was talking with friends about how we were surprised no one had shown their ass yet and crashed, then saw the group of vipers leaving and thought this is it: fireworks. Sure enough third in line decides to kiss a tree. His ego was as badly bruised as the car!!”

I’m at odds trying to grasp what goes through these driver’s heads?! As much as trying to figure out why the hell do people in 2017 still film videos vertically? The best I can say is that he’s actually dodged the crowd. He didn’t Mustang ’em. It’s all in the video below.

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