I’m going to shoot straight with you guys here… I don’t know much of anything about this truck. In fact, I don’t know anything at all about it, except one thing: it’s badass!

Other than what is immediately obvious, details on this build are nonexistent, but I can tell you this thing is totally tricked out. I don’t know enough about diesel engines to know which powerplant this is sitting just behind the cab, but it looks great with the polished intake and valve covers contrasting with the black turbochargers. It sound like the engine is turned up, although it’s hard to tell with such a short, wide-open exhaust setup. Behind the engine is a great looking dual-wheel rear axle setup, all blacked out with some small polished accents to break things up a bit. The massive side fuel tanks are also blacked out to match the wheels and frame.
Moving forward, we don’t actually even get to see the front of the truck, and I’m totally playing the “I could tell if I could see the grill” card and admitting I have no idea what the cab is. But, I can tell it’s insanely cool and is certainly like nothing I’ve personally seen before.
I seriously want to know more about this build, and would like to know what it’s purpose is, as far as if it was built for show or if it was built to be fully functional while looking really cool. If anybody out here knows more about this project, please reach out and let me know where to find out more about it.

Meanwhile, just hit that play button and watch this short walkaround and tell me this isn’t one of the more unique builds you have ever seen. If the owner wanted to build something to stand out in any crowd, he definitely nailed it with this rig!

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