Recipe for speed: Take a Vette, Add a Hemi (That’s Right) and Boost to 3,800 HP

Recipe for speed: Take a Vette, Add a Hemi (That’s Right) and Boost to 3,800 HP

If there is one thing that Qataris love, it is American iron. If you take a trip there and look around, you’ll see it is true. One other thing that is also true is that they like lots of power from their vehicles. So, it’s little wonder that when Al Anabi Motors decided to tweak a 06 Corvette they decided to go all out. By the time the American techs who work there finished the job, they ended up with the sort of vehicle that appears in a racer’s dreams, a Vette with a very special engine.

The mechanics at Al Anabi took a very standard 06 Corvette and then did something interesting. They grafted a 521-horsepower Hemi engine to the front end. Of course, they had to do some major structural work up front to handle the new engine and its unique blower, but that was about the extent of the change. Everything from the A-pillar to the rear of the Vetter remained the same. It had to stay the same because the vehicle’s weight — with the driver — couldn’t exceed 3,000 pounds.

The changling that resulted from the work is enough to send shivers down the spine of any performance enthusiast. Imagine taking a 521-horsepower vehicle — with the V-8 Hemi grafted on — and boosting the performance nearly 800 percent. That’s right; the Vette now sports a 3,800-horsepower powerplant thanks to the humungo blower installed atop the Hemi. The power gets to the rear wheels via a two-speed automatic.

What kind of performance does it offer? Well, how about Funny Car drag speeds, maybe in the low twos for an eighth-mile run before it’s off the accelerator., where this story appeared recently, thoughtfully included a video so you can see just how this pavement ripper performs.

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