Eerily, there is not much drama in this little video, released today by the good folks over at Koenigsegg. Noise, yes. Lots of it good. Thunderous. Pleasing.
Though eerie because the footage showcases the Agera RS racing up to 284.55mph in Nevada.
Remember last month when Koenigsegg claimed five speed records along a section of closed road? Yeah, this is the onboard footage of the highest speed run of the day, the Agera RS hitting 457.94kmh.
This was achieved during its north-westerly run, from the Las Vegas end of Nevada toward Pahrump. The south-easterly run clocked 271.19mph, meaning it averaged out at 277.87mph.
That of course, makes the Koenigsegg Agera RS the fastest production car in the world.
The other records you can read about here, which includes the fact that the RS smashed Bugatti’s 0-249mph-0 time (by eight seconds). In any case, the footage above would never suggest that driver Niklas Lilja was gunning for an outright top speed. More a Sunday drive.
Like we said, eerie…

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