If we’re talking Shelby GT350, we would be inclined to say that it’s a Ford Mustang that enthusiasts would argue is more geared toward street driving and maybe some spirited peddle pounding around the corners than it is tailored to the drag strip. While the cars might be pretty awesome machines, they haven’t really found their way into droves toward the strip and that’s okay because obviously, different cars have their different strong suits. Even though it might not be the racing machine of your dreams in a straight-line, that isn’t to say that the latest rendition of the GT350 has nothing to offer on the drag strip because it most certainly can get down!

This time, we follow along with a video from BigKleib34 cameras that chases a very bright rendition of this car down to the lanes at Cecil County Dragway for a little bit of testing in some action that has the driver of the bright yellow machine looking to see exactly what it would be able to do when exposed to the quarter-mile. From what we could tell, it does appear as if the car is pretty much stock and is even sitting on a set of street tires so don’t expect any high rpm launches but after it gets out of the hole, the machine really is a bundle of fun to spectate!

Tune in to the video below to see exactly what the slick Mustang is able to do what it wiggles its way down the 1,320-feet of racing surface to pound home a couple of quarter-mile passes. It would be interesting to see where the owner of this car goes from here and if the machine will undergo any modification before seeing the dragstrip next time. For now, we would be inclined to think that the owner is probably pretty satisfied with the way that the car is performing the way that it sits.

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